'I want to know about REIKI to treat others''I want to contribute to our society using REIKI'.
REIKI - ogirinated from Japan

Japan Holistic Reiki Association (JHRA) is a Non-Profit organization aiming to make Reiki more recognized in its original 'healthy' way and contribute to our society.

When did JHRA start?

In 2002, Reiki practitioners/masters beyond sects gathered and started the 'Global Holistic Healing Association'. In 2003, based on this association, a non-profit organization Japan Holistic Reiki Association was approved by the governer of Fukuoka Prefecture.

What are JHRA's aims and purposes?

In short, our vision is to make Reiki more recognized in its original way through contributiing to our society.

There are lots of Reiki schools/organizations and they are stressing their own beliefs and differences from others. This just makes Reiki more complicated and makes it difficult for people to understand. They tend to forget the basis of Reiki - 'Compassion and Harmony'.

Looking at this situation, we started to have our aims to make Reiki more realized based on its original idea, through contribution to our society. Reiki masters go to hospitals and social welfare facilities to treat people there, as volunteers. The people who received Reiki energy experience what it is like, and other staff members around the receivers start realising, looking at the Reiki masters. The most important thing is that Reiki masters develop themselves through these experiences.

Usui Mikao Sensei was healing lots of people who suffered from the great Kanto earthquake in 1923 and then it is was said that Usui Reiki Ryoho was becoming famous in Japan.

In this way, the receivers and the medical/welfare staff who accept the Reiki volunteers become happy and this makes Reiki recognised more through the volunteers self-development. This is JHRA's aims.

Does JHRA requires any standard to be a professional Reiki practitioner or teacher?

No. We don't set any standard. But we are now concentrating on volunteer activities and tring to set some basic standards to be a volunteer. Volunteers are to try their best to cope with the medical/healthcare facilities where they go and treat people.

Could you tell us about current situation of Reiki in Japan?

To begin with, there exists the original Academic society called Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai which was started from Usui Sensei in Aoyama, Tokyo in 1922.

It is not open to the public and the members are not doing any promotive/public activities. Also they don't deny any Reiki schools. They are practicing its original and traditional Reiki method with their selected members.

Apart from this Academic society, there are several popular Reiki schools, which teach their Reiki with their own additional values and concepts, such as;

Gendai Reiki which is re-arranged for modern people.

Medical Reiki which is developped expecially for those who work in medical/healthcare industry.

Jikiden Reiki which was from direct students from Hayashi Chujiro Sensei who was taught Reiki from Usui Sensei.

Independent Schools which have training courses for Reiki healers. these are approved as medical corporations by the government. etc.

This is nothing different from other countries outside Japan, where you can find lots of different Reiki schools with their own strengths and strong areas.

Finally, there are some schools where you can become Reiki teachers in 3-5days. Also there are some that teach Reiki in 24hours with an inexpensive fee.

Our chairman Kansaku Yosei was doing Reiki treatment in a clinic and we believe she is the first case of someone giving Reiki treatment in a medical facility in Japan, although we heard that there are some hospitals and salons where you can get Reiki treatment. This is not popular yet in Japan.

We believe that we are the only one asociation which is very active in Reiki vounteer treatment in hospitals and welfare facilities in Japan.

Are Reiki people in Japan interested in studying Reiki's origins?

It all depends on people. The information about Reiki's origin can be found from old books, some materials leaked from Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, but there is not enough information available so some of this information about Usui Reiki you find on the internet can be inaccurate.

There are some records that say that the word of 'Reiki' itself had been used as the meaning of 'energy from the universe' before Usui Sensei started using it.

Our asociation sometimes picks up the topic of the history of Reiki in our newsletters and it is reserached by our senior members who have lots of background and knowledge.

Who can be a member?

Anyone who agrees with our aims and rules.

There are four kinds of memberships, which are;

Indivudual member (Sei Kaiin)

Supporting member (Sanjyo Kaiin)

Student member (Gakusei Kaiin)

Each has its' joining fee and annual fee.

Individual member is the membership which allows a right to vote in our general meetings about business decisions.

If you are interested in joining our membership, please contact us at info@japan-reiki.org in English.

What happens next after joining membership?

We will send you the quarterly newsletters to your registered address overseas. It talks about the experience from volunteers at hospitals, comments from Reiki masters and our feedback information from various activities. You can share great experiences of Reiki through these newsletters by becoming a member. Currently in Japanese but we are planning to issue English newsletters.

How to join?

Please send the joining fee and annual fee in Japanese yen to our bank.

Also let us know your email address, name, mailing address, contact number and membership to join when your bank transfer is completed.

Supporting member for group, party, team, association

Enrollment Fee \10,000

Annual Fee \20,000

Member for individual

Enrollment Fee \2,000

Annual Fee \10,000

Please let us know the applicants name, address, telephone number, email

address. Please send this by email.

Account of JHRA

Name of Bank:Nisinippon City Bank

Name of Branch:Takamiya Branch

Address of Branch:1-2-5 Takamiya,Minami-ku,Fukuoka-city,Fukuoka-ken-Japan

Telephone Number 81-92-531-3266 (Japan)

Account Number :1566533


Name of Account:NPO Japan Holistic Reiki Association

Attention: Please note that the international wire transfer fee needs to be paid by payer (i.e. you)
not payee (i.e. JHRA) otherwise, the bank transfer fee will be deducted when JHRA receive it, which will result in short of the membership fee amount.
Please make sure this when you process the international money transfer.

Note before you join JHRA

JHRA is a non profit organization. Therefore we are not selling any products, service or introducing any Reiki masters or Reiki groups.

Also joining JHRA itself doesn't certify your Reiki quality or ability. We don't introduce any group/organization for you to get an opportunity of Reiki activities. JHRA gathers information and issues newsletters about members' volunteer activities of Reiki and their self-development to our society.

Please understand that our administration office is run by only a limited number of staff. Newsletters are issued quarterly but we are more concentrating on its contents rather than its due date, therefore you may experience some delay of receiving newsletters. Our volunteers are working on answering telephone queries and mailing all materials. We would appreciate your understanding and patience with our administration quality. We are trying to improve the quality.

Lastly, we are looking for new members who can contribute to make Reiki poplular to people in our society therefore we do not accept those with low ethical/moral standards.

Despite these conditions, you are most welcome to join us if you believe you are eager to share great Reiki experiences and most of all, want to help others.

There are some people who believe that Reiki means only symbols and mantra. Many haven't seen its greatness. We realise that Reiki healers are not communicating to each other outside their group.

JHRA helps those Reiki people connect to each other outside their own group and help each other and keep improving their Reiki quality.

Please visit us and take a look of what we are doing, which is very exciting.

The common idea in healthy Reiki spread is 'Compassion' and 'Harmony'.

Join us and we aim to make Japan and the whole world better and healthier.

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